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Sonoro Design CD2 Radio with Bluetooth/CD/USB/FM/DAB+ (Emerald Green)


Manufacturer: Sonoro

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Product Information

Sonoro SO-220EG Design CD Radio with Bluetooth/CD/USB/FM/DAB+ (Emerald Green)


Experience the perfect audio system for the bedroom with the new sonoroCD 2. Inspired by nature, and prompted by the everyday challenges of modern life, the sonoroCD 2 was developed in conjunction with relaxation specialists and is based on comprehensive analysis of the sleeping patterns and behaviour of a large group of research subjects. In partnership with slowtime®, sonoro has designed a number of unique relaxation soundtracks to create the perfect audio system for the bedroom.


Our pre-installed programmes include classic meditation and guided relaxation, creative visualisation, meditation music and nature sounds to help calm the mind and relax the body. In addition to their relaxing effect, they can help promote natural sleep and have a beneficial effect on overall wellbeing. For example, our meditation music will help soothe you back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.


Get even more from your sonoroCD 2 with the sonoroLIGHT dimmer module! With this, you can wake up to our pre-installed nature sounds, such as birdsong or ocean waves, in combination with a simulated sunrise. Or you can experience deep relaxation by listening to a creative visualisation soundtrack alongside gently fading bedroom lights.


Wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep

Many people suffer from sleep disorders. Most widespread are a difficulty in getting to sleep, waking up and lying awake at night or waking too early. The importance of good quality sleep is becoming increasingly recognised – especially in connection with reducing stress and restoring the balance of body, mind and soul. Scientific research shows that 90 per cent of the essential regenerative processes that help restore the body’s physical and psychological functions rely on a good night’s sleep. If combined with the sonoroLIGHT dimmer module, the sonoroCD 2 can wake you up gradually via a simulated sunrise. This makes for a gentler and altogether more natural waking-up process and a happier start to the day. The gently increasing light helps release cortisol, the body’s own “wake-up” hormone, and gradually reduces melatonin levels. Once you are fully awake, you feel more positive and ready to take on the day ahead. Equally, the dimmer module can also be used to simulate a natural sunset to relax you at the end of the day and prepare your body for sleep. In combination with the sonoroCD 2’s pre-installed relaxation programmes you get a better night’s sleep, which, in turn, can help improve your mood and productivity as you have more energy throughout the day. The sonoroLIGHT dimmer module leaves the choice of light medium up to you (e.g. bedside table lamp, floor lamp or furniture light). Once it’s been wirelessly connected to your sonoro music system, sonoroLIGHT can be operated easily via the sonoroCD 2 remote control and can also function as a normal night light or mood lighting.


Turn your home into a sound stage

Drift off to sleep with music from your choice of CD or radio station or one of our pre-installed relaxation sounds. The self-dimming display adjusts automatically to the light intensity of your bedroom. In the morning you are awoken by your favourite tunes from CD or digital radio station – for a perfect start to the day.
Listen closely… Can you hear it? It’s the sound of your imagination. Your thoughts. Your ideas. Your hopes and aspirations. Put on a CD, take a deep breath and wait for the music to take you far away from the here and now. sonoroCD 2, a timeless design icon with unrivalled sound quality gives you pure, unlimited enjoyment of music. High-quality craftsmanship and outstanding performance in perfect harmony.


Turn your living room into a sound experience

The sonoro philosophy is simple: we transform your home into a world of sound. In our constant search for perfection we don’t just focus on the quality of sound itself, but we consider your entire home environment. Our audio systems are designed to be a perfect fit with any space or setting. And, more importantly, they are adaptable. In our product development we try to do more than just take technology to its limits. Although we do that, too. Our prime objective is to create harmony and balance between sound, space and you, the user.


Great sound, neatly packaged

To get the best possible sound experience, you are usually expected to be in exactly the right spot in relation to the speakers. But that’s not always practical. sonoro’s 360º loudspeaker technology distributes the sound evenly throughout the room. Whether you’re sitting on the sofa, lying in bed or walking around. You might go and get a drink, open the window… Wherever you go and whatever you do, the superior acoustic technology of our speakers makes sure that your sound experience is always the same: as if you were right in front of the stage. This makes the system vastly superior for use in the bedroom, compared to traditional stereo systems. Our audio technology opens up a new world and your favourite tracks sound exactly the way they should. For anyone who enjoys spending time at home. Just a little sonoro – and nothing is as it was before.


Wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep – quite naturally

Bring a calm and relaxing mood to your bedroom with our pre-installed nature sounds. Gently fall asleep to the soothing sound of ocean waves or the crackling of a log fire and be woken up at your pre-set time by a dawn chorus. Is there a more beautiful way to wake up on a dark winter morning?


Say no to light pollution in the bedroom

The sonoro’s auto-dimming display shows time, date, your selected radio station and other relevant information in large, easy-to-read letters. Bright and clearly legible during the day, it adjusts itself automatically in the dark, so there’s no unnecessary light keeping you awake.


Streaming made easy!

Bluetooth® connectivity ensures convenient and reliable wireless music streaming. Play your favourite music straight from your smartphone, iPad or computer.




- Pre-installed nature sounds and relaxation and meditation content
- Preloaded sonoro Music Samples for Soundcheck
- Optional dimmer module sonoroLIGHT
- DAB / DAB + / FM digital radio with 6 presets
- Automatic and manual channel search
- Bluetooth® technology for wireless music transmission
- USB port for charging and music playback function *
- Aux-In for additional external playback sources such as Smartphone, laptop etc.
- CD player (CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD, WMA) with repeat, shuffle and Resume Function
- Automatically dimmable display
- Digital display with time and date
- MP3-CD information via ID3 tags
- Dual alarm clock function (2-fold Timer)
- Wake up to radio, CD, with relaxing sonoro Soothing sounds or alarm sound
- Sleep (sleep timer) charged by the minute setting (5-120 min.)
- Snooze function
- 3 inch full-range speaker with bass reflex tube
- Equalizer function to adjust the bass and treble
- Preloaded sonoro Soothing Sounds
- Preloaded sonoro Music Samples for Soundcheck
- Back-up battery to ensure the clock during power failure
- Remote Control (IR)
- User-friendly and intuitive menu guidance
- 360 degree sound


Input / Output

- Bluetooth (A2DP, AVRCP)
- USB for charging function * 5V / 1A and music playback
- Aux-in (3.5mm jack)
- Slot-in CD player
- Headphone jack
- External FM / DAB / DAB + antenna
- 75 Ohm FM / DAB / DAB + antenna connector
- 15.5V, 2.9A AC power AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
- Anti theft by Key-Lock System


- Hand cut wooden cabinet with rounded corners
- Compact dimensions
- Designed and developed in Germany
- Available in high gloss lacquer


Measures - Approx. 210 mm (w) × 140 mm (h) 257 mm (d)



Product Code: SO-220EG

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