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BT Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multi Kit


Manufacturer: BT

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Product Information

Works with any Broadband provider

BT's Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit has been designed to work with any service provider to make sure everyone can make the most of their Broadband at home or in the office.


What does BT’s Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit give you?

Connect any wired or wireless device to your broadband anywhere in your home or office with our powerline technology and enjoy the full broadband experience.
Plug & Play - No install necessary, just instant access to your broadband anywhere in the home or office!

Everyone loves to be online; and why should you settle for anything other than the complete broadband experience? With BT’s Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit, you are able to connect any wired or wireless devices wherever and whenever you like.

With up to 500 Mbps for smooth HD/3D streaming, online gaming or faster downloads, BT's Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit supports all your online needs.


Simple to use

BT’s Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit is easy to use. Simply plug into your wall socket and you are ready to enjoy a complete broadband experience.


Make the most of your Broadband

BT's Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit from BT offers a solution to a number of your broadband problems. Be it connecting a Smart TV in a different room to your router, generating Wi-Fi where your router doesn't reach or high speed streaming throughout your home, BT's Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 600 Multikit can be used to help make the most of your broadband at home or at work.


Compatible with other technologies

BT's Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit works seamlessly with all other BT Broadband Extender products to create your new network. It is also completely compatible with other AV HomePlug powerlines so you can integrate it with any existing Powerline network. The Mini BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Multikit utilises HomePlug AV500 Powerline technology and can be fully integrated with an existing AV200 network in your home.


Better for the environment

Eco credentials come as standard with built-in power saving and fully recyclable packaging.


Main Features:

  • Uses your home’s electrical wiring to extend your broadband network anywhere in the house
  • Simple push-button Wi-Fi connection set-up with hotspot
  • Wi-Fi cloning function to clone your router’s name (SSID) and w reless key
  • Works with all broadband providers
  • Two Ethernet ports for multiple wired devices
  • Link with other HomePlug AV powerline adaptors
  • N150 wireless technology
  • AV600 powerline technology
  • Compatible with AV200 and AV500 technology devices
  • Uses latest AV600 technology for smooth multiple HD / 3D streaming
  • Secure wireless network – no configuration necessary



System requirements

  • Works with any operating system


Other features

  • Guest Hotspot with its own key
  • Web configuration interface
  • Easy pull-out wireless settings card
  • Wi-Fi cloning



  • Hotspot: WEP 128/64 (40) bit open, WPA (TKIP), WPA2 (AES), WPA+WPA2
  • Extender: 128 bit AES



  • Hotspot: 802.11b/g/n
  • Extender: Homeplug AV


Data Rate

  • Hotspot: Up to 150 Mbps
  • Extender: Up to 600 Mbps*


Package Content

  • 2 x Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600
  • Broadband Extender 600
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


Power Supply

  • 230V ± 15%, 50Hz ± 3%





Product Code: BTHH600MK

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