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Tangent Tuner II for Ampster II Amp


Manufacturer: Tangent

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Product Information

Combining classic audio design with new technology

Tangent's new premium radio Tuner ll provides easy and reliable access to many local and national radio stations thanks to its latest technology high quality tuner.  The FM analogue part of the tuner features RDS and is both clear and refined, whilst the digital DAB and DAB + tuners offer fast, locked-in reception of all available DAB + channels with stunning clarity.  The large white text LED display clearly provides the information you need whichever radio band and station you’re listening to.

Hi-Fi sound quality from a mini radio
The new Tuner ll fits effortlessly into Tangent's new mini system. By combining the Tangent Ampster BT II and CD ll, you can enjoy a complete, compact sized HI-FI system with premium audio quality and performance.  Each Tuner ll, Ampster BT ll and CD ll is less than the width of an A4 sheet of paper and is only 7cm high, making the system only 21cm high when stacked! So the small size of each component takes up less space in the living room, kitchen - or wherever you enjoy your music.

A remote control for all
The remote control for the Tuner II also operates the Ampster BT II and CD ll, so when all three components are stacked together or placed separately, each remote control can be used to operate all components.  Or you can choose to use only one remote control and put the two other remotes away!  



  • Built-in power supply
  • Alu Front
  • Optical and analogue out



Remote control

  • Standby button turns the Tuner into Standby (If you have Ampster BT II or CD II, they will also go into Standby)
  • DAB Button turns the tuner on in DAB mode. And if you have the Ampster BT II, it will turn on and change into Tuner/Line IN mode.
  • FM Button turns the tuner on in FM mode. And if you have the Ampster BT II, it will turn on and change into Tuner/Line IN mode.
  • Arrow Left/Right button you can scroll throug the radio stations.
  • Enter button is for selecting your choice.
  • Push INFO for scrolling throug the information avalible for the selected radio channel.
  • Preset buttons, for selecting saved preset. Short press for selecting saved preset Long press to save a preset

Tuner II

  • Standby button
  • DAB/FM Mode button
  • INFO button
  • MENU button
  • SCAN button
  • BACK button
  • Navigate Knob/Selector
  • Antenna
  • RCA Line Out L/R
  • Optical Out
  • USB port (Only for updates)
  • Voltage switch
  • Power input
  • Mains power ON/OFF switch



Product Code: TGTUNER2

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